FAQs About Skin Cancer

You’ve most likely been warned about the dangers of skin cancer, but you may still have many unanswered questions. Skin cancer can happen to anyone and it’s important to understand if you’re at risk and understand how skin cancer develops and is treated. Dr. Gerald Peters at Peters Dermatology Center in Bend, OR, can answer some frequently asked questions to help you better understand skin cancer and the risks that come with it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Skin Cancer

Q. What are the types of skin cancer?

A. You may not actually know that there’s more than one kind of skin cancer. The most common form of skin cancer is known as melanoma and often develops on moles found on the body. Other types of skin cancer include basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. All are a result of exposure to the sun.

Q. What are the skin cancer warning signs?

A. It is important that you are screening your body on a regular basis so that you can identify the common warning signs of skin cancer. If you have moles on your body, you should be checking those to look for signs of irregularities. This could include bleeding, misshapen moles, and moles with irregular borders. You should also look for red, crusty lumps or growths and spots that look shiny or waxy and don’t fade on their own.

Q. How is skin cancer treated?

A. It’s important to catch skin cancer at an early stage so that treatment is easier to deal with. Your dermatologist in Bend, OR, will examine the skin cancer to see what the best form of treatment is. Often, the first line of treatment is to surgically remove the growth and tissue. If your case is more advanced, you may need chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and radiation.

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