What Is Mohs Surgery?

While several options exist for skin cancer treatment, Mohs Surgery is the most popular and effective. Dr. Peters at Peters Dermatology Center in Bend, OR recommends Mohs Surgery to remove skin cancer cells one layer at a time, targeting cancerous cells while protecting healthy tissue. If you're a candidate for Mohs Surgery, you can expect to be in and out of the office the same day, though depending on the size of the problem area, the procedure may take longer. During your consultation, our dermatologist will go over the procedure in detail, but the surgery primarily involves removing thin layers of skin until only cancer-free tissue remains.

Why Mohs Surgery? 

Mohs Surgery protects you from the most common type of cancer in the U.S., skin cancer. The American Academy of Dermatologists predicts at least one in five people develop this harmful condition that breaks down into three categories: basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma (the most dangerous kind). Mohs Surgery is most beneficial for removing cancerous cells that appear on sensitive areas like the head, scalp, neck, ears, fingers, feet, shins, and nose. Research says, Mohs Surgery has a success rate of up to 99% for non-melanoma cancers and a 94% cure rate for recurrent skin cancer in the same area. When you visit our office, our dermatologist will prepare you for Mohs Surgery in Bend, OR, ahead of time to ensure you're best prepared and feel as comfortable as possible.

You should seek a consultation with our team at Peters Dermatology Center if you have skin cancer that's rapidly growing or a mole that has ill-defined edges. You should also consider Mohs Surgery if you have skin cancer in scar tissue; a type that recurred after a previous extraction or developed on sensitive sun-exposed areas. Remember, early detection is the best form of prevention. Call (541) 323-7546 for more information or if you have any questions or concerns about Mohs Surgery in Bend, OR.

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