What Our Cosmetic Dermatologist Can Do For Your Skin

Treat cosmetic imperfections and get radiant and more youthful skin. 

Whether you are dealing with dull discolored skin, acne scars, or early signs of aging, our Bend, OR, cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Gerald Peters, Jr. here at Peters Dermatology Center offers a full spectrum of cosmetic treatments designed to improve your appearance and your self-confidence. Here are just some of the most popular cosmetic treatments we offer,


Want to smooth active fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows, and around the eyes? If so, this minimally invasive injectable can help reduce the appearance of early signs of aging. Botox works by administering a medical-grade and purified neurotoxin that temporarily relaxes the muscles of the face. Treatment doesn’t require downtime and results can last anywhere from 3-6 months. Many patients here in Bend, OR, turn to our cosmetic dermatologist every few months to maintain their results with Botox.

Photodynamic Therapy 

Through controlled light directed over certain areas of the face, our cosmetic dermatology team can treat everything from more mild esthetic issues to more severe skin problems. This laser treatment is popular because it is a non-invasive way to treat a variety of skin problems from sunspots and large pores to hyperpigmentation, acne scars, and precancerous growths.

Moxi Laser 

This revolutionary non-ablative laser provides our patients with a gentler laser resurfacing treatment. This fractional laser is ideal for rejuvenating the appearance of the skin while also targeting early signs of aging and even sun damage. The treatment process typically takes no more than 30 minutes with absolutely no recovery period or downtime. Most patients will benefit from a series of Moxi treatments.

Chemical Peels 

There are a variety of chemical peels these days that can target everything from superficial issues to deeper skin problems. Those dealing with minor skin imperfections can benefit from a light chemical peel, while those with more severe scarring, pigmentation, or wrinkles may benefit from a deeper chemical peel. Downtime will vary, depending on the type of chemical peel you choose. Light chemical peels only take a few days of downtime while those undergoing deeper peels may need up to a week or more of recovery.

Are you interested in turning to our Bend, OR, cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Peters for cosmetic skin treatments? To sit down with our dermatologist to discuss treatment options, call Peters Dermatology Center at (541) 323-7546 to schedule a consultation.

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